Nurture Organics products are hypoallergenic & chemical free to make sure you enjoy every moment of everyday. We at Nurture believe that each day you must feel secure, clean, confident and healthy.

The conventional cotton pads are bleached with chlorine that contains a toxic byproduct called dioxin, a known carcinogen. Once in contact with the skin, the cancer causing dioxin is known to accumulate in the body and stay there for more than 20 years after exposure. Nurture Organics sanitary pads and liners use a 100% natural cotton top-sheet that touches the skin. This cotton is entirely natural and bleach-free to eliminate the problem of carcinogens.

People are aware of the natural benefits of cotton –breathable, hypoallergenic and soft, however, people at times, fail to tell the difference between natural cotton and fake synthetic or chemically derived versions of cotton found in conventional sanitary pads and liners. These “cotton-like” materials often mislead the consumer about the efficacy of the products and cause skin irritation and rash. Natural cotton is the main ingredient of Nurture Organics sanitary pads and liners because cotton’s natural breathable quality and structure allows air to flow through its fibres more easily, this soothes and prevents the risk of irritation, while creating a comfortable softer feel.

Provides Anti-fungal and Anti- Bacterial action. Silver ion eliminates the bacteria and other pathogens that develop due to moisture. Silver’s ability to adjust to body temperature and its anti-static properties promote good circulation and comfort. Experiments show that silver ion is capable of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria exposed in no more than 60 minutes.

Unlike conventional pads these sanitary pads do not contain rayon and the top layer is free of Super Absorbent Powders which are know to create excessive dryness in the intimate areas leading to irritation and infection.

Designed specially to meet the needs of teenagers and active people these sanitary pads and liners provide effortless comfort and protection by day and night.

These products are ideal for women with sensitive skin, as they do not contain irritants like fragrances and synthetic chemicals.